„Accountability Culture” training for HR

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I would like to invite all HR professionals and managers to sign up for our new open course: „Culture of Accountability: mechanisms, skills, case studies. Online training for HR”.

This is a proposal for conscious managers and HR professionals who want to learn the basic mechanisms that trigger the creation of a Culture of Accountability, learn the skills and attitudes and systemic solutions that build such a culture, as well as familiarize themselves with Polish case studies of implementation. In addition, the course contains elements defining the role of HR departments in the implementation of the Accountability Culture.

I am convinced that you will find our offer valuable. I invite you to read the details!

Sławek Błaszczak, co-owner and partner of 4Results


For whom? For managers and HR professionals who want to support the implementation of a culture of responsibility in their organizations.

The training program includes:

  • Module I: Culture of Accountability – key mechanisms, how to start building a culture of accountability
  • Module II: Key attitudes, skills of employees and leaders that build Accountability.
  • Module III: 3 perspectives worth measuring in the Culture of Accountability – what systemic solutions support step-by-step assumption of responsibility by employees and teams?
  • Module IV: The role of HR in implementing a Culture of Accountability. 
  • Module V: Case Study – examples of implementation. 

Date: 8 June, 9.00-13.00 (ONLINE training)

Moderated by: Paweł Kaczmarczyk, 4Results trainer, specializing in implementation of the culture of accountability.

Conditions of participation: 

  • Promotional price until 21.V.2021: 595 PLN  (you save 200 PLN)
  • Price from 22.V.2021-7.VI.2021: 795 PLN 

(we issue a VAT invoice)

Register now, the number of participants is limited!

Link to registration: https://landing.4results.pl/kurs

We invite you!

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