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Optimization and management of business processes

To whom do we recommend projects using the process-based approach?

Organizations providing services with a business model based on processes that involve people to a large extent – employees, business partners and clients.

Companies in which employees perform a lot of repetitive actions and the methods they use have a direct impact on operating costs.

Enterprises that place particular emphasis on building customer relationships, i.e. by providing the highest quality customer service at every stage of cooperation.


Monika Sieniawska, Partner 4Results

Monika Sieniawska, Partner w 4Results

You need business process management if you want to:
Reduce process handling time

… if process execution time is a key element of competitive advantage, and will result in cost reduction for you.

Increase employee productivity in the office

… if you have ever increasing operations that must be handled with the same resources, and overloaded people aren’t managing to fit everything in.

Influence customer satisfaction

… if better control over the service delivery process affects opinions about your company and customer satisfaction.

Reduce operating costs

… if low efficiency reduces your profitability.

If the analysis and optimization of the company's business processes is what you need, contact us!

Process management:

We model processes to reduce their costs.

Optimization/management of business processes.

We build process structure as a model of the organization’s operations.

We develop employees’ competences at every stage of the process management cycle:

From defining requirements to analyses, recommendations, implementation, establishing monitoring tools and continuous improvement.

We increase process awareness in employees throughout the entire organization.

We educate process owners and process teams.

We solve problems at the intersection of functions:

We use Lean Management, Six Sigma and Design Thinking tools to optimize service processes and sales.

We diagnose your level of process maturity.

We diagnose your level of Lean culture maturity.

We choose the best available project approach, which can vary from traditional methods to agile ones. 

We develop employees’ competences for selected project methods.

We build a value system that’s required in project work.

We engage employees in working in the project method, and extend awareness throughout the organization.

We increase employees’ project efficiency

through workshops, mentoring, coaching, training in practices, roles and tools, diagnosing sources of conflicts of interest, and solving ongoing problems..


Project management:

Our clients benefit from process optimization:
What clients say about cooperation with 4Results:

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