I change the organizational culture

I change the organizational culture of companies striving for operational excellence by unlocking the existing potential and building commitment at all levels of the organization.

Izabela Starnawska


At 4Results, I am responsible for the development of services focused around the Shingo Model and Total Productive Maintenance. It is important for me to gain knowledge and experience at the source; hence I am responsible for partnerships with SHINGO Institute and JIPM.

My task is to develop and manage a team of consultants implementing Operational Excellence programmes such as Lean Management, TPM, and World Class Manufacturing. Within the team, I am responsible for the substantive development of: Autonomous Maintenance, Professional Maintenance, Focussed Improvement, Education and Training, Quality Maintenance, Early Management, SHE, TPM in Office, Workplace Organisation, 5S Programme, Loss and Cost Deployment, and Policy Deployment.

The aim of my work is to provide customers with the highest standards in their organisational culture change programmes. My team works in a comprehensive manner, starting from the analysis to the development of specific, sustainable and measurable results. The results of our work on the customer’s side include increased profitability, improvement of production indicators, elimination of all kinds of losses in the production area, but above all, a change in the organisational culture.

My experience includes more than 20 years of realisation and implementation of optimisation projects in production companies in Poland and abroad. For 8 years, I held the position of Total Productive Maintenance manager in a multinational corporation, obtaining TPM awards for production plants, granted by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. I graduated from the University of Birmingham, Mechanical Engineering School (MSc) and the Gdańsk University of Technology (with a specialisation in Production Systems Organisation).

I have been certified as a Shingo Model Facilitator by the Shingo Institute, a TPM Instructor by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, and a Lean Management and World Class Manufacturing Coach. I am also an ICC-certified coach.

I have led implementation projects for such companies as: AB Foods, Agros Nova, Amcor, Avon, BA Glass, Biazet, Chłodnia Grudziądz, Ellert, Fritar, Iglotex, JABIL, Hochland, Mieszko, Mondelez, Nederman, Nestle Waters, Rettig Heating, Saint Gobain (Rigips, ISOVER), SVZ, TRW, Twinings, and Unilever Polska.