Training Within Industry

Improve the induction of new team members, ensure better standardization of processes, and teach how to transfer knowledge effectively! Training Within Industry is a solution that will transform knowledge management in your organization.

Training Within Industry in numbers:


reduction of human errors and mistakes within the induction process


the substitutability of employees in other positions


reduced induction time for new employees


employee induction reduced from 5 days to as little as 1 day

Training Within Industry is for you if in your company:

  • development training takes a long time and is ineffective
  • when the induction process for a new employee is long and ineffective
  • when everyone trains in their own way
  • when work instructions are extensive, incomprehensible and nobody uses them
  • when you experience high staff turnover
  • when your knowledge is possessed only by experienced employees

TWI DiGITAL - also for remote work

Today, the TWI method is gaining popularity. We also respect the need to make everyone feel secure, so we offer a combination of traditional learning methods and modern remote working tools. Thus, we offer TWI DiGITAL.


Olga Zezula, consultant 4Results

TWI DiGITAL - a modern environment for managing employee development

Our new product, TWI DiGITAL, combines traditional learning methods with modern remote working tools. The entire Training Within Industry process is arranged in such a way as to create the most effective, yet friendly environment for managing knowledge and employee development in an organization. The structure of the system is based on the Monday application, which can be accessed by all team members in real-time (see visuals below).

Find out more:

Watch a recording of the TWI project at Iglotex

Clients about cooperation in Training Within Industry (TWI) projects:

And now it's time for implementation

Contact us and see if our tools and experience can help you implement the change in your organiaztion.

Olga Zezula
Consultant w 4RESULTS

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