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What is “Accountability Culture”?

  • “Accountability Culture” is based on the competencies of the future, such as self-management, accountability, and entrepreneurship – that is, skills that grow in importance in the work environment.
  • This is a response to volatility and business complexity that requires quick and accurate decisions. In accountability culture decisions are made where there is information, and not hierarchically.
  • “Accountability Culture” is sometimes called the culture based on empowerment.
  • It becomes possible when we have a system of building Clarity and Competence.
  • “Accountability Culture” develops leaders at all levels and helps build a work culture for teams and at the meeting point of departments.
  • “Accountability Culture” is based on the many years of practice of Intent-Based Leadership International, an organization promoting empowerment in management.

Effects of Accountability Culture:





Psychological safety

Take a course on the competencies of the future

Build autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurship in your organization.


Results improve where there is an Accountability Culture

Teams react quickly and adequately to changes

Everyone focuses on improving, not avoiding mistakes

Empowerment which can provide more innovations and ideas that you test and implement quicker instead of just talking about them

People themselves care about the results and the work environment, not passively waiting for guidelines and orders

How do we implement Accountability Culture?

Accountability Culture is based on the many years of practice of Intent-Based Leadership International.

It is a methodology developed by an international team of Captain David L. Marquet. The first implementation was in 1999, when Captain D. L. Marquet changed the worst nuclear submarine in the USS Navy into No. 1.

he program has been proven in many business transformations in the USA and Europe, including Poland. While it is usually initiated at the top-management level, it involves people at all levels of the organization. It creates conditions and space for everyone to think, speak and act as a responsible leader.

I imagine a world where we all find satisfaction in our work. It is a world where every human being is intellectually engaged, motivated, and self-inspired. Our cognitive capacity as a race is fully engaged in solving the monumental problems that we face.

Cpt. David Marquet, leader and speaker, „Turn the Ship Around!” author

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