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Operational Excellence

we develop and disseminate knowledge developed by Doctor Shigeo Shingo

The Shingo Model is neither a new additional program nor another initiative to be implemented in the company. On the contrary, it introduces the Key Shingo Principles, which should build on the systems implemented to date as well as through developing relevant activities that help us strive for ideal results and operational excellence. Whether the organization’s goals are financial or perhaps more altruistic, all leaders are focused on achieving specific objectives – increasing sales, increasing return on investment, reducing employee turnover, reducing lead times, etc. Organizations design systems with the intention of achieving specific outcomes and then select tools to support those systems. When the desired results are not achieved, organizations often attempt to improve or modify the current systems and to implement new tools in the hope of achieving the company’s goals.


a single element, an object to accomplish a specific task, a method, a way to do something (e.g. a value stream map – VSM, an improvement idea, a project plan, an award or a newsletter for communication)


a network of closely interdependent components to accomplish a specific purpose (e.g., executing a production plan, improving the flow of a single piece, managing employee skills), only the presence of a greater sense makes it possible to create a system. This sense must be known and understood by all those who create it and act within it


measurable effect (both positive and negative) of implementing a tool or system (e.g. reduced lead time, higher employee engagement, higher customer satisfaction)

Shingo workshops

The Discover Excellence workshop offers learning through practice with the guarantee of quality offered by a program licensed by the Shingo Institute

Why it is worth it:
The Discover Excellence Workshop is a two-day event that introduces you to Operational Excellence and the fundamentals of Dr. Shigeo Shingo’s concept. The program is rich in interactive experiences, leading the participant to discover how to unleash the hidden potential within the organization to achieve enterprise excellence. Participation in the workshop provides both the supply of high-quality knowledge (not yet very common on the Polish market) and the testing of acquired skills in practice – recognizing the behavior of employees, in a real work environment, so that after completing the workshop the participant has been fully prepared to apply the acquired skills.

Who we invite:
The workshop is dedicated to top and senior members from the executive and managerial levels-leaders of organizations who want to consciously build employee attitudes, understand them and thus achieve world-class results.

Next step:
After completing the workshop, we encourage you to take part in another workshop where you will learn how to design systems in an organization. This is key in the approach to the subject of Operational Excellence – its planning, management and opportunities for improvement. We will invite you to participate after completing the Discover Excellence Workshop.

Implementation of the Shingo Model

01. Pre-implementation analysis based on the Shingo Model

The analysis is an objective look at the current situation in the plant, aimed at: assessment of the maturity of the existing systems and their impact on the behavior of employees at all levels, assessment of behavior in terms of factors shaping culture and continuous improvement, with particular emphasis on leadership with humility and respect for everyone, defining recommendations for the improvement of existing systems and the development of leaders and managers.

02. Workshops for management team

The essence of the series of workshops is: development by the team of the expected directions of changes important for being on the road to operational excellence and integrating them with the already undertaken activities supporting the improvement process, defining / redefining important values for the organization consistent with the principles of the Shingo Model, harmonizing the common understanding of these values among management team.

03. Development of an implementation plan for systems supporting the Shingo Model

As leaders, we are responsible for the implementation of systems or their redesign. The Shingo Model helps to build them broken down into 3 important areas: management systems, work systems and improvement systems, noting that their proper implementation in line with the Shingo Model facilitates the shaping of behavior.

04. Regular mentoring sessions supporting the development of management team

Until there are no habitual changes in employees’ behavior, it is important to continuously develop employees. And it is not only about training, but also mentoring on the job.

Main principles of Shingo:

Get to know our Shingo experts

Ireneusz Biliński, President of the Management Board of 4 Results

Certified Shingo Model Facilitator on behalf of the Shingo Institute. He leads a team of 4Results consultants specializing in the optimization and improvement of the customers’ business activities. He is also responsible for introducing to the Polish market the QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) method, designed for companies involved in low-volume, discrete and/or customized production. He focuses on implementing high standards of project management and continuous improvement of what 4Results offers. He has 15 years of experience in the areas of production, logistics and sales, with particular emphasis on modeling organizations in terms of continuous improvement of people and business processes.

Are you ready to change culture according to the Shingo Model?

If the business results are stable and the company feels no need to change

If you have already tried to implement Lean or TPM programs

If the changes implemented in your organization no longer lead to progress

If specialists are leaving your organization

If there is high employee absenteeism in your organization

If employee turnover does not allow you to achieve the planned results

If every time a leader leaves, the implemented changes go back to the way they were before

If there is no consistency in internal communication and no clarity about who is responsible for what

If you have the impression that the organization is losing its long-term sense and reason for its existence

If employees are punished for mistakes in the organization and there is no appreciation for the ideas submitted

Every IF that you agree with is a signal to implement the Shingo Model in your culture.

Anchor the relentless pursuit of Operational Excellence in your company.

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