Implementation of Accountability Culture

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Three implementation approaches:


  • our role is to conduct training, and support implementation for employees of the entire organization.
  • we have the resources, know-how and experience to carry out a project in an efficient, engaging and implementation-focused manner, even for a large organization.


  • we use this approach when the organization wants to implement most of its activities on the basis of internal training teams.
  • the role of 4Results is most often to guide the TOP Management team through the implementation process and to conduct a train the trainer project along with granting a license to conduct training and implementation activities.


  • in organizations where the readiness to implement an Accountability Culture differs from team to team, we focus first on those teams that have the strongest foundations
  • with this approach, we implement the “Accountability Culture” in one or more teams and gradually support implementations throughout the organization, depending on the results.

What do we teach to the team to implement an Accountability Culture?

Psychological security

Higher team efficiency thanks to
sense of security, freedom
decision making, autonomy.


Faster and more accurate decisions of employees,
taken closer to the source of information; more time
for leaders to think strategically.


Feeling of ownership of tasks,
competence of independent
decision making.

Courage / Speak up

Fast error detection and creation
of recovery plans, more initiatives,
constructive team discussions.

Feedback culture

Constant development of employees and leaders, higher
psychological security, a higher sense
of empowerment, continuous improvement.


Faster and better decisions, a culture of savings and
cost calculation, strategic autonomy
in thinking, taking responsibility.


Clarity of the mission, vision and values of the team,
increasing the level of psychological security
and empowerment.


Higher efficiency within the team and on
department interfaces, better decisions
(autocracy vs democracy).


Constant improvement of the level of competence of the whole
team, ongoing analysis of deficiencies
in competencies and their supplementation.

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The implementation of Accountability Culture means building
culture through conscious leadership and shaping the right environment.

Discover unique forms based on new technologies!

Step 1. Diagnosis and definition

  • Diagnosis and definition of the desired effects – individual interviews with TOP Management

Step 2. VR simulator

  • Experience of the process of building the culture of “I Take Responsibility” in action, during missions, just like in real life
  • The result is building a common vision of the culture and defining the role of Top Management in the process of cultural transformation

Step 3. Project Kick-Off

  • The result is an understanding of the Project’s Why and the effects it is supposed to bring
  • We recommend a meeting for the entire organization

Step 4. Accountability Culture workshops

  • A cycle of 6 workshops 3-4 hours at intervals of 4-6 weeks

Workshops – main issuses :

  • Psychological security as the foundation of the Accountability Culture
  • Empowerment process step by step – Leader Ladder
  • The language of a leader who builds responsibility
  • Decisions close to the source of information – building the organization’s readiness to Take Responsibility
  • Creating an environment for continuous improvement, not avoiding mistakes
  • Blue & Red Work – Culture of carefulness at the interface with the customer and market

Step 5. Implementation Platform

  • A cycle of 6 workshops 3-4 hours at intervals of 4-6 weeks

Step 6. Evaluation of the project's effects

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