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Training in VR evokes in everyone reactions, emotions, habitual behaviors that are difficult to trigger in traditional training and workshops. VR training therefore becomes an opportunity to quickly deepen self-awareness, causes and consequences of our reactions, management, messages and decisions. Thanks to working in safe conditions with very experienced coaches, the process of developing and shaping new habits becomes faster and much more effective.


Research confirms that VR elements increase participants engagement in the learning process by up to 60% and help them remember information much better*. The team therefore achieves better results in less time.


The emotions and reactions revealed during the simulation are the same as those that occur in real business circumstances. That’s why VR training is a unique opportunity to practice team or individual behavior that can later be used to make a real difference to an organization. In safe, controlled conditions.

VR Accountability

One of the elements of building a culture of “I Take Responsibility”. VR simulation based on the experience of Capt. David Marquet described in the book “Turn the Ship Around!”. The training helps to practice behaviors with which employees maintain results, positivity and productivity in the team by making decisions on their own.

For whom? For boards and senior management teams.

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As part of the simulation, participants learn:

  • How to create an “Accountability Culture” environment in the organization based on the 3C model: Clarity, Competence, Cascading Control
  • What techniques to use to effectively cascade control onto individual team members
  • How to ensure the clarity of the message so that team members have a sense of security and influence
  • Being an employee: how to be clear about what you intend to do, rather than asking for permission

VR Teamwork

Modern leadership is not only the ability to deal with the uncertainty of the so-called VUCA times (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), but also the ability to create a non-hierarchical, engaging environment around the leader.

For whom? For management, senior management teams, team leaders

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Why is it worth it?

  • A new way of building cooperation in the form of “turbo”: faster, more efficiently, with greater commitment.
  • Team skills: learning critical attitudes for building: trust, open communication, shared responsibility for results, commitment to the team and results.
  • Learning how to ensure clarity of message so that team members have a sense of security and influence.

VR Excellent communication

Working in modern teams (especially those operating with elements of agile methodology) requires the ability to quickly and efficiently solve complex problems. The best way to avoid learning from your own fateful mistakes is to use simulations such as VR.

For whom? For teams and management teams.

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During the session, we teach:

  • What are the team’s communication preferences and how can we optimize them?
  • How to communicate effectively in times of time pressure and information chaos?
  • How to use the individual competences of team members to solve problems together?

VR Psychological safety

Psychological safety is the foundation of building a culture of commitment and responsibility. Our VR training shows how to create a space in a team to set the bar higher, thanks to a high sense of security.

For whom? For senior management, team leaders.

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During the VR Psychological Safety session, we teach how to build four pillars of psychological safety

  • A sense of belonging and diversity
  • Willingness to help
  • Possibility of making mistakes
  • Open communication

VR training in numbers

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VR Training: This revolution is happening before our eyes!

Where and how do we act?

We have our own VR Centre located in the Digital Knowledge Village at 457 Puławska Street, which can hold workshops for 12 people at a time (3 groups of 4 people). There is also the possibility of online participation of groups in VR workshops (glasses delivered by courier).

Our simulations usually last from 1 to 3 days and are always a mix of VR experience and “traditional” training with a trainer in a workshop format.

The process of adapting to the VR world is quick – training with the help of the so-called the tutorial usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

There is a dedicated trainer or training team for each simulation, consisting of certified coaches, trainers and psychologists. Technology Officer takes care of the quality of VR experience each time. It is possible to transport the VR set to the customer’s premises.

4Results awarded for VR

4RESULTS together with the Digital Knowledge Village multimedia center has received the prestigious MP Power Awards 2019 in the “Digital” category. The award was granted for the project “Virtual Reality (VR) as a way to build modern leadership”.

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