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Psychometric research and tests

 Our solutions are based on know-how that we develop independently and in cooperation with our clients as part of our own research and analytical projects.

Diagnostic tools and methodologies:

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Our own research projects:

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Diagnostic tools and methodologies:

We have our own proprietary research tools and methodologies, and conduct training and research projects using tools developed by other entities. Here’s a list of some of the available tools:

  • NPA, FRIS,
  • Study by Patrick Lencioni, Personal Energy Audit
  • TWI, Kanban, Lean, RfS,
  • Insight Shingo, Reiss Motivation Profile,
  • Colours Test, Test Extended Disc,
  • Engaging Leader 360° Study,
  • Leadership Versatility Index 360° Study,
  • Master Person Analysis,
  • Research on Engaging Culture (Neurohm)
  • Culture Assessment Tool,

If you want to learn more about the tools and methodologies we use, write to me:

Test Of Colors

This model is based on C.G. Junga allows you to check how much a Red Warrior, Blue Analyst, Green Supplier and Yellow Initiator you are. The personality test will allow you to better understand how to manage your own talents and energy more effectively. It’s a priceless knowledge how to develop yourself and make more productive business & private relationships.


Extended DISC

The Extended DISC® system is a package of tools that allow to diagnose organizations, teams as well as individual talents and predispositions of employees. The test is designed to provide users with a practical plan of action that will allow them to improve their activities in a way that will help achieve business goals.

Lumina Spark test

Lumina Spark is the latest innovation on the market of professional development tools. It is unique among psychometric tools because it avoids stereotypes, does not pigeonhole or label people. We enable participants to have a broad look at their traits and behavior patterns, and provide clear tips on how they can work more effectively with others. We use simple, jargon-free language and easy-to-remember colorful visuals.

Partnerships in research

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