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Build responsibility. Engage so you don’t have to

motivate. Manage diversity.

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become a leader who builds an environment of

safety, commitment and responsibility.

In which situations do we recommend our solutions?

If the organisation wants

its leaders and managers to achieve ambitious results while building high staff morale.

If the manager would like to

learn how to effectively manage a modern company, where challenges include millennials, dispersed teams, a matrix structure, multigenerational and multicultural teams, an agile approach to management, and a focus on innovation.

If the company wants to

plan the effective development of leaders based on modern concepts and tools that have been tried and tested in many Polish and international organizations.

Where should you start?

Contact us to see if our tools and experience can help you implement change in your organization.

In which areas do we help?

develops managerial staff. It’s aimed at preparing managers to consciously engage teams and achieve company goals. We stand out because we create every development process taking into account the organization, flexibly moderating the content of individual modules to address what’s happening in your company. The Leader Academy consists of targeted program implemented for a period of three months to two years. The Academy has a modular structure (from several to 10 modules), and is always adapted to the individual expectations of the client.

A program for employees who become a manager for the first time. They find that they have to take responsibility for the goals of the entire team and provide them with the tools to work, remove obstacles and introduce improvements. It cannot be done without stronger commitment, dedication and responsibility. We teach how to easily enter a new career path when they are no longer specialists – but become leaders.

We use modern technologies such as virtual reality (VR) to improve leadership competencies and teach how to build an engaging environment. Explore our simulations – find out more

The Engaging Leader Program is formulated on a process-based approach to building an engaging culture within the company. It’s designed for team managers at all levels of the organization. It contains many elements, such as workshops and tools, which allows us to individually determine development paths for each participant. We can inspire you to build an engaging culture in your organization, and we can accompany you throughout the entire change-implementation process. The result will be engaging leadership at various levels of your organization!

The Engaging Leader Program includes inspirational lectures, workshops for managers, simulation games, leadership training, 360 assessment tools and research on leadership behavior.

We believe that the world of structured plans, Gantt charts and predictability has ended. Contemporary leaders not only manage people, but also act in an EVER-CHANGING ENVIRONMENT. Therefore, in order to be effective, they need a completely new approach, new competences and new tools. In the new reality, success begins by building teams based on trust, commitment and agile methodologies. In other words – agile leadership is the skill of the future.

Agile Leadership projects and programs include inspirational lectures, workshops and training.

We mentor and coach leaders who want to achieve better goals, build winning teams, and increase awareness of management styles and opportunities to build engagement. We also conduct mentoring and coaching processes for talent groups.

We specialize in designing and implementing changes. We support leaders and organizations by providing our proprietary change management toolkit.

We provide support in the process of changes in such areas as: working with a project team, working with the management board, preparation of leaders, employee involvement, and communication in change. Find out more

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Our clients

Watch the video:

Train resistance to change with SysTeamsChange

Since 2013, 4Results has been a licensed provider of SysTeamsChange, which is a game/simulation of change management developed by a team of German experts. In the game, participants take on the role of Change Agents tasked with supporting the company’s management in the change implementation process. The Change Agents must remember that just like in real life in the organization, in the game, they’ll face varying levels of employee motivation, different value systems, and lasting attitudes towards the change process.

Are you interested in simulation? Write to us!

Our experience in numbers:


leaders participate in our leadership training every year


Leader Academies are implemented every year


average Net Promoter Score in leadership training

We're a certified partner of the British company Steps Drama

which patented a unique methodology for conducting workshops and training using the drama method. This organization has over 20 years of experience in innovative teaching using acting techniques. Thanks to this partnership, we know how to use energy, play and creativity while putting a clear emphasis on learning objectives and long-term evaluation of results.

We teach leadership in VR

Mission One: the only multiplayer simulation in Europe that teaches leadership competencies at the interface between teams and departments.

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