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What is sales outsourcing?

It concerns building a sales strategy

defining the tactics of operating in the market

and assisting in the implementation of market activities, such as:

working for clients and with clients

working with sales representatives in the market

working with sales managers.

Who is sales outsourcing for?

If you have a problem with your sales performance, for example:

sales fall, stagnate, or rise too slowly for the market potential

low profit margin

low profitability of sales

lack of effectiveness in commercial activities undertaken in the market

poor relations with clients

Sales outsourcing is for you if your company needs to:

Improve its results

Increase the effectiveness of market activities

Acquire new markets and new customers

An important element of this service is not only working with the existing sales department in the company, but also the fact that we ourselves undertake actions on behalf of the client. When there are no sales resources, or they are insufficient, we can wait for the acquisition of new competencies or recruits. We can raise competencies, improve efficiency or recruit simultaneously. You can just hire a sales manager with an entire team for specific tasks. We offer “leasing” of a trade director / sales director / KAM / sales representative with a focus on specific activities and specific effects both in B2B and B2C.

Where should you start?

Contact us to see if our tools and experience can help you implement change in your organization.


Work stages:

A brief analysis

Market research

Defining strategic goals from the financial and market perspective, possibly from the perspective of sales processes and sales department development

Planning of resources and operational tactics

Planning specific actions and activities to be taken in the market

Implementation: taking action and completing tasks focused on the discussed and defined effects

Our clients

Examples of effects:

Additional 2.5 million margin
in 6 months

Improving margin by 8 points

Increase in numbers
clients by 20%

Additional revenue: 1.5 million in 3 months

CRM implementations: ordering and increasing the efficiency of the sales process

Improving the collection of receivables from the market

Increase in product distribution and availability

Supplying the sales funnel with 700 new leads and leading these customers through all stages of the funnel on behalf of the principal

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