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We support change

We specialize in designing

and implementing changes. We support leaders

and organizations by providing our proprietary

change management toolkit.

When do we recommend our solutions?

If your organization

is about to undergo change, or is already in the thick of it, and needs support in guiding its employees through this process.

If a leader would like to

increase the effectiveness and sustainability of implemented changes. We help people introducing a culture in which change is brought about according to standards that engage people, and the hard process of change is combined with excellent communication.

When a manager doesn’t want

the change process to negatively influence the morale and engagement of employees, or pose a risk to the organization.

Where should you start?

Contact us to see if our tools and experience can help you implement change in your organization.

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Our competences:

Support in the change process

As a partner in change, we help you focus on your priorities. We also provide knowledge, methods, tools, and support based on experience gained from many projects, while focusing on combining both the soft and hard aspects of change.

SysTeamsChange simulation

Use the “Change Management” game, which allows participants to experience successes and failures, engagement and frustration under safe simulation conditions in order to transfer the lessons learned to the business world.

Management during times of VUCA

VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the new realities that organizations face. They pose challenges for managers, and require a new approach to management. We teach you how to manage better in this paradigm.


Change management for leaders

Effective change in times of uncertainty places special demands on leaders; they must use their psychological skills to combine the vision of the result of the change with short-term measures.


Watch a webinar about the leadership role in times of crisis and uncertainty

Our experience in numbers:


leaders and employees have taken part in our change management projects


leaders have participated in the simulation game “SysTeamsChange”


implemented change projects

Change management for leaders:

During the dynamic changes that organizations face nowadays, leaders must increasingly redefine classic change phases. We teach them how to find themselves in situations where they must minimize the duration of the ousting, resistance and adaptation phases, and maximize the trial stage.

We provide knowledge

and support leaders in guiding themselves and their teams through the change process (ousting, resistance, trial and adaptation phases).

We believe that

in today’s world, the change cycle is shortening. Our projects minimize the time for ousting and resistance, while making the phase of trials, tests and seeking new solutions dominate.

We teach leaders

how to be a team coach who requires and expects results (the role of the product owner in the change), while at the same time building team spirit, providing support, and overseeing development (scrum master role).

What are the experts saying?

The SysTeams Change simulation is an outstanding product. It effectively helps participants take in issues presented during training sessions. The issues worked through during the game can be applied in reality. I sincerely recommend it.


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