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You can benefit from an Efficiency Improvement Project if your company has:

an increasing number or scale of orders and production can’t keep up with implementation,

a decreasing margin on products due to costs of production or materials increasing,

decreasing productivity calculated as: income per employee, production per employee, margin per employee,

you are interested in the SixSigma and Lean manufacturing methodology.

Improved efficiency projects 4Results:

Do you want to permanently increase your productivity? Would you like to improve production efficiency, i.e. optimize production cycles, eliminate wastage and improve order processing times?

Let’s design and implement an efficiency improvement project together!

implementations in Poland
dedicated experts
average increase in productivity
average increase in the Client's gross result

Where should you start?

Contact us to see if our tools and experience can help you implement change in your organization. Learn about the Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing methods.

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How an implementation project works:

Company analysis or quick scan of key processes

Designing changes and establishment of project team

Preparing teams to implement changes

Implementation. Support. Results

Post-implementation audit

Results we achieve by implementing projects:

Recently while working for a large company in the knitting industry, we achieved a 5% increase in production profitability, a 25% improvement in the quality of products leaving the dye-house, a 2.8 percentage point reduction in material losses, and potential to increase production while maintaining the same resource levels.


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Some of the methodologies we use:

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